(from Hellraiser - 1987)

Manufacturer: Screamin’ Models

Sculptor: Thomas Kuntz

Material: Vinyl,  Scale: 1/4


The Chatterer Cenobite is one of Pinhead’s cohorts in the Hellraiser film series. While he doesn’t get as much screen time as Pinhead, he is definitely one of the more memorable figures. His lack of face and clicking teeth give him an exceptionally nasty effect.


This kit is the second of Screamin’s Hellraiser series that I built.  The kit came in 3 pieces

and stands 18” when assembled. The vinyl casting was clean and neat, no air bubbles or pinholes. The part fit was good requiring very little putty work. I filled the legs with plaster to give it weight. Once again Kuntz captured the likeness very effectively and the overall sculpt is good with excellent detailing.


As with Pinhead, I wanted to change the tools of torture that were provide. His hook was a shape that you had to punch out of thin cardboard. I replaced this with a large fishing hook that seemed to fit the character and was seen in so much of the film.


I added additional detailing by using small gauge wire to stitch his wounds together.  I painted the entire kit by hand with acrylics. I used a few washes and dry brushing to pull out some detail. There is only so much you can do with the costume color.  Rendering the head, face and wounds was where you get to have some fun.


I didn’t do a base for this figure as I normally do. My plan was to build all 4 of the Scremin’ Hellraiser models and then build a dio of the attic room from the film. I may still do that one day but the sheer size of the piece may keep me from ever following through with it.







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