War of the Colossal Beast



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Manufacturer: XO Facto

Sculptor: Jeff Yagher

Material: Resin

Scale:  1/8


In 1958, Bert I. Gordon brought us the sequel to his movie from the previous year, “The Amazing Colossal Man”. While most sequels fall short of their predecessors, this one did not – well, in some ways. The original film brought us a gigantic 50’ man that loses him mind and wreaks havoc on Las Vegas before he is finally stopped. This film brings him back. Only this time he has been hideously deformed from his “demise” in the previous flick. He’s back and hiding down in Mexico. As you can imagine, a guy that big can’t stay hidden for very long. He’s discovered and the chaos begins once again. Having seen this film as a child I was understandably impressed and it therefore has a special place in my heart. After all – it’s got a big, giant with a half-skull face and he tears stuff up! Excellent!


This is a great kit from XO Facto and the talented hands of Mr. Jeff Yagher. Jeff once again exercises his ability to capture a likeness dead on. The pose is fluid and has a great feel of movement. The overall scene and scale is reminiscent of the old Aurora kits.


Assembly was easy and nothing out of the ordinary for a resin kit. I made two modifications to this kit, otherwise it is straight out of the box…..

  • ·     The kit came with resin tress that just did not work for me. They looked like little, flat toy trees you might have seen in an old Marx playset.  I replaced them with model railroad trees which made all the difference.

  • ·     The high tension electric wires that were provided were just thin copper wire and looked a bit undersized to me. I found a heavier scale wire that I liked much better and I scratch built the connectors where the wire attaches to the tower.

The piece is painted by airbrush and by hand in acrylics, washes and pastels.


Some might say the model is better than the actual movie itself. Maybe it is. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed both the film and this kit. High marks for a kit that turned out much better than I thought it would.





























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