Metaluna Mutant

This Island Earth (1955)

Manufacturer: Earthbound Studios

Sculptor: Gabriel Marquez

Material:  Resin

Scale: 3/4


The Mutant is part of Earthbound Studios “Big Head” series. They are a must for any fan of the classic “B Movie” monsters of the ‘50s and ‘60s.


This was a great kit to build especially if you are in the mood to paint. There is no build-up time at all. It comes in 3 pieces: the base, head and a hand. The casting by Mark Brokaw of Earthbound Studios is perfect. I had to scrape a couple of faint seams lines that took about 5 minutes and it was ready to wash. One quick coat of primer and I’m ready to paint.


Color reference for this figure is easy to find – just watch the movie. However, I thought the scenes with the mutant were often dark and muted so he is never in any real clear light. You can still make out the colors though. Research on the web also reveals a couple of other color variations as well as the advertising material associated with the movie. So, with all that info on hand, I painted him the way I wanted. While staying close to the film, I did take some artistic license with it. All in all an excellent kit and a blast to paint.







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