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(brainchild of  Ed “Big Daddy” Roth  - 1963)

Manufacturer: Tornado Designs

Sculptor: Unknown

Material: Polystone

Scale: no scale



This is the same kit as the other one in my gallery section except I did this one for a client. It was a straight build-up without the custom base.


The Ratfink was created by visionary automotive designer and builder, artist, genius, etc. – Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and in Ed’s ‘words, he was the evil cousin of Mickey Mouse’.


We lost Ed in 2001 but RF has lived on, more popular than ever. As a tribute, in 2006, Tornado Designs created this piece and distributed it to 83 artists to build and paint in any manner they saw fit. The pieces were then collected and published in a book called “Rat Fink’s Revenge”.  After seeing this book, and being a Fink Fan since childhood, I really wanted to build one of these great kits. It is, by far, the best rendition of the Fink ever produced.


The kit was nicely packaged in a labeled box and packed in form-fitting Styrofoam with the accompanying, slipcased book, poster and numbered COA. It came in 5 polystone pieces – the body, 2 feet, a tail and a nose.


The entire kit is painted in acrylics using my airbrush and hand painting the details, many of which I don’t think really show up in the photos. The clothes and skin have multiple layers of colors to give them more depth.


If you want a Fink of your very own check out Tornado Designs site at





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