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Andie - A Romper Zombie

Manufacturer: Jerrick Ventures

Material: Resin

Scale: 8” tall


Romper Zombies is a new line of resin & vinyl toys that feature a “what if” scenario of little kids being struck down by a zombie virus. The original concept for this line of toys comes from Mr. Vaan Horne and he seemed to be a on a pretty good path with the back story and tie in ideas for the line. Unfortunately his complete mismanagement of the product and investor funds led to him losing it all to one of those same investors where it now sits.


I became involved early in the project primarily as the paint designer but also helped in the design of each figure starting with Bobbie. I created the prototype paint masters that would be the guide for the mass production of the toys.  I did the first 4 figures under Mr. Vaan Horne – Andy, Bobbie, Colie & Georgie and the newest figure, Vanitie under Jerrick Ventures.


The original product was to be an 8” tall resin figure and the first 4 were where manufactured that way. After the company changed hands, the new owners, Jerrick Ventures took them into the realm of vinyl and reduced the scale down to a 4” figure.


The future of the line is unclear at this point.



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