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Manufacturer: Mad Labs Models

Sculptor: Mike Parks

Material: Resin


In 1995 I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful woman that would love me for who I was, even if I did build weird monster models. She was fully aware of my predisposition for resin and styrene and decided to go through with it anyway. As we planned the wedding I had the obvious idea to have Monster & Bride Cake Topper. I presented my concept to my bride-to-be and instead of laughing hysterically in my face, she said “Sure”!! How cool was that!?! The only stipulation was that it had to go on an additional, side cake and not THE wedding cake. With that little victory under my belt I set off to create the topper.


These little guys are part of Mad Labs “Tiny Terror” series of super deformed monsters. Mike Parks sculpted a whole line of great little kits from classic horror and sci-fi movies. They are easy to build and fun to paint.


I had built these two previously as part of my collection but decided to get another pair to do specifically for this. I built these two the same as the first but this time around I painted them to be more specific to the event.  I put the Monster in a black tux and painted in a multi-colored vest to match the one I would be wearing. I added a bow tie out of Sculpey to finish him off. The Bride is in the typical white gown and we added a veil made of tulle, lace and pearls. It was attached to elastic so we could slip it on and off of her head. The final touch was a small bouquet of little silk flowers we made from items at the craft store.


As with all my kits, I felt they needed a base of some kind. Time was running short so instead of scratch building something I decided I better try to find one already made that would be appropriate. Besides, I had plenty to do to get ready for the blessed event and while my wife had agreed to go with the topper, she had not agreed to me foregoing other responsibilities in exchange for building a monster cake dio. Luckily I stumbled across a flowery, little gazebo that was perfect for the pair and I was done.


The topper was a hit - everybody loved it – even the parents!
































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