Forbush Man

Manufacturer: Resin Pimps

Sculptor: Unknown

Material: Resin


For those of you who grew up reading Marvel Comics in the 60’s, you might remember their self-depreciating title Not Brand Echh!  In it, the folks at Marvel created spoofs of their own characters. Irving Forbush was once such character and made his first major appearance in issue #5. While not targeted at any existing character, Irving was an accidental superhero inadvertently created by his Auntie Mayhem when she slammed a cooking pot over his head thereby giving him his disguise he needed. All of his victories are purely accidental; lacking superhuman powers, dumb luck plays a major role in all his adventures. Having read this title as a kid I of course had to get one of these.


This is a great little, one piece casting with a lot of detail. The cast itself was clean with very little clean up. I scraped a few seams, washed it off and was ready for primer and paint. The piece is painted by airbrush and by hand in acrylics.


If you were a “Marvel guy” and read Not Brand Echh! I recommend this piece. It’s a fun, easy piece to do in an evening or two. Accolades to Resin Pimps for taking the time to do a kit of a VERY obscure but fun character!







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