Manufacturer:  Model Madhouse

Sculptor:  Chris Wooten

Material:  Resin

Height: 7Ē


Fred is the creation of sculptor Chris Wooten. It was a small side project he wanted to do for himself in between the usual workload. Iím not sure of Fredís origins but as I recall, he started as a profile bust of someone that Chris knew that he decided to zombify.


It was a fun little bust to paint Ė good size with excellent detail and a lot of gore as you can see. Fred is a one piece cast with almost no cleanup. A couple of minutes to scrape down a minute seam or two and that was it.


If you would like to buy a Fred of your very own just drop me a line. He is available for $65.00 + $5 shipping ($70 total); and comes unpainted in gray or translucent green resin. If you are interested in painting services, drop me a line and we'll discuss.







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