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Manufacturer: Aurora (#451) - 1966

Sculptor:  Mr. Ehling

Material:  Styrene Plastic

Scale: Unknown


This kit is a rather rare kit. It was not very popular therefore it was never produced for any great length of time. It was one of the 2 kits in the “Castle Creatures” series Aurora did trying to tie into their acquaintance with filmmaker William Castle. Castle made some great low budget horror movies in the sixties. He was the king of ballyhoo and always used hype and slogans to pitch his films. So, it’s only natural Aurora would put a slogan on this kit.


I didn’t have this kit as a kid because that time, I was only into “serious monsters” (I never said I was smart). So, I let these pass me by as well as Big Frankie and the monster rods. When I finally got the opportunity to pick this up, I grabbed it and was happy to have it.


Of course, as with all the old Aurora kits I buy, I’m planning to totally redo them and this one was no different. When it finally arrived and I un-boxed it, I was shocked at how bad the paint job was. 











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