a Romper Zombie

Manufacturer: Jerrick Ventures

Material: Resin

Scale: 8” tall


Romper Zombies is a line of resin and vinyl toys that feature a “what if” scenario of little kids being struck down by a zombie virus.


I became involved early in the project primarily as the paint designer but also helped in the design of each figure starting with Bobbie. I created the prototype paint masters that would be the guide for the mass production of the toys.  I did the first 4 figures under the original owner – Andy, Bobbie, Colie & Georgie and the newest figure, Vanitie under Jerrick Ventures.


The original product was to be an 8” tall resin figure and the first 4 were where manufactured that way. After the company changed hands, the new owners took them into the realm of vinyl and reduced the scale down to a 4” figure.











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