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Manufacturer: Unknown

Sculptor:  Unknown

Material:  Resin

Scale: 1/5



Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about this subject matter. All I have been able to find out is that this is the “Comic Version”. For those of you out there that are familiar with it, you will know that already and what it means.


I painted this for a friend of mine and since I didn’t really have any background on it, I just went with a paint scheme I liked. It’s probably all wrong but I think it turned out well.


As for the kit itself, the sculpt was beautiful and the resin casting was excellent. The tooling was perfect; all the joints matched perfectly. This made working on it all the more enjoyable.


The build was a bit tricky at one part due to a piece of the costume that had to be added over an area below that needed to be completed first (make sense?). After the lower part was completed, it had to be masked, the outer costume part added, puttied, primed and painted without screwing up the areas I had already finished below. It was a challenge but that’s what keeps it interesting.


I’m not a huge Anime fan but when I got done with this, I had enjoyed it so much I wanted to keep it. It was fun to paint and build with so much detail. I was very pleased with the final result. This kit taught me something important. Even if you don’t know the subject matter, the kits of the genre can be a blast to build. I now have about a half a dozen Anime character kits to do - all of which I know nothing about – and I keep looking for more.




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