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(from Tombs of the Blind Dead - 1971)

Manufacturer: Alternative Images

Sculptor: John Cole

Material: Resin

Scale: 1/6


 A friend of mine turned me on to the Italian horror films of the Blind Dead series. There are 5 in all and they range in quality from good to terrible. The first one, my favorite, seems to have the biggest budget but even then, it’s still not much. The coolest thing about the films, of course, are the Templars.


I had been eyeballing this kit for some time at the Alternative Images table at various shows but never picked it up. I stumbled across a build up so I grabbed it with plans of restoration. The build up was pretty bad so I really enjoyed reworking it.


The detail in this sculpt is very good and the pose is excellent. The sculptor caught the figure in midstride with very natural look; not stiff or awkward like some poses I’ve seen. The detailing on the bearded, rotten face is spot on as well. The kit comes with a cemetery base that’s great for customizing. The final piece stands 12” tall.


My only criticism of the kit is the sword. It looks like it was a casting of a letter opener. It didn’t fit the kit in scale or accuracy. So, during my prep, I broke out my putty and Dremel and reshaped the hilt of the sword to be more in line with the feel of the kit.


The kit is painted entirely in acrylics. I airbrushed the figure and added hand brushed accents. The Templar emblem on the robe of the knight was not sculpted into the kit. It was such an important feature of the costume I didn’t feel like I could leave it off so I hand painted it on. The base is hand painted with multiple washes and some vegetation was added for realism.


I don’t know what it is about this kit but I really like it even though it’s pretty straight forward. By the time I was finished giving it a new life, it ended up being one of my favorite pieces.












































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