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(from Pumpkinhead - 1990)

Manufacturer: GEOmetric

Sculptor: Randy Bowen

Material: Resin

Scale: 1/6


The first time I saw Pumpkinhead I loved it. It had one of my favorite character actors, Lance Hendrickson, it had a great original story, the effects were outstanding and Pumpkinhead was the coolest monster I’d seen in a long time. Make-up and effects master Stan Winston came up with this beastie and I think he hit a home run. If you’ve never seen it, then go find it, turn the lights down and enjoy. Just make sure the kids are in bed.


GEOmetric could not have done any better with this kit. They employed the talents of Randy Bowen to sculpt the demon and he did an exceptional job. The pose is perfect, catching him in midstride giving the kit a great sense of action. The detail and likeness is excellent. Randy must have swiped Stan’s sketchbook.


The version I have is a second release of the kit. The original version had our little friend standing amid the ruins of a church – which I liked a lot better. When I finally got around to buying the kit, it was the re-release so I got the one with the woodland base which is still very nice. It comes complete with rotting skeletons at his feet, buried in the forest floor. It has a lot of nice detail to work with.


The casting was very clean with minimal cleanup. Assembly was quick and easy and he topped out at 14” when complete. The hardest part was pinning the brute to the base. The feet and legs are so thin you had to be careful not to miss them or drill out the side.


I hand painted the entire kit with layer upon layer of washes. I don’t know why I didn’t use my airbrush on this one. I guess it just didn’t feel right. His overactive salivary disorder was created with 5 minute epoxy. I didn’t add anything extra to the kit. It didn’t need it. It’s straight out of the box and is a great addition to my collection.






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