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Manufacturer: Mad Labs Models

Sculptor:  Mike Parks

Material:  Resin

Scale:  Approximately 3-4" high


Beginning in the early years of the GK industry, Mike Parks sculpted a series of approximately 35 little monsters known as Tiny Terrors from horror, sci-fi and fantasy films.  He created caricatures of the popular figures down to the obscure. While the TTs may not have been the first series of what is now known as “super deforms”, they were certainly the largest and longest running collection.


Each TT stands about 4” tall +/- and was cast in solid resin. They could be a one piece sculpture or have a few additional pieces to attach depending in the complexity of the design. The castings were generally good and while the sculpts themselves were a little rough at times, I didn’t see this as a drawback at all. It gave the figure some character and texture to work with.


These kits are great fun to do – quick and easy. Generally there was very little seam work or prep. Just scrape few spots, wash it, prime it and slap some paint on it. All of the TTs I have shown here were hand painted in acrylics


Other than this series, Mike produced a wide range of great kits and other series of figures – some humorous, some serious. When he left the GK hobby in the early 2000s, we lost one of our most prolific sculptors of the time. He can still be seen, on occasion, wandering the aisles of WonderFest (he still has resin in his blood) so there’s hope that he may one day return to the fold. Until then, grab a Mad Labs model if you can find one!











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